8. june 2024 in Reykjavík


VÆB brothers perform during warm-up and Prettyboitjokko in the after party along with Eva Ruza and Gústi B

The most colorful event of the year returns!

8. june 2024 in Reykjavík

The happy train is on the move!

We invite you to The Color Run on 8. June 2024! To make the day as much fun as possible, please review this information site prior to participation for the event day. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate dropping us a lina at island@thecolorrun.com

Soon you and your friends and family will be a part of happiest 5k in the world!

pre run

participation kit


Participation kits can be collected in The Color Run store, located in the Cintamani building at Faxafen 7. Please present your tickets at the store, either a print-out or on your mobile phone.

Opening hours:
Tue 4.june kl. 12 to 18
Wed 5.june kl. 12 to 18
Thu 6.june kl. 12 to 18
Fri 7.june kl. 10 to 19

Those who can not collect during pre-pickup can collect participation kits at the venue in Laugardalur from 9 AM on the event day.

Participation kit

  • Event access
  • The Color Run 2024 t-shirt
  • Color pouch

Wear your t-shirt

The t-shirt grants access to the event and it is necessary to wear the t-shirt when entering The Color Run.

The Color Run store

Plenty of fun and colorful merch available in our little shop of happiness where the participation kits will be collected and at the event area in Laugardalur during the event day. The store will be located by the stage where the warm-up and after party will take place where everyone will find something to bring that little extra joy to the day. 

Including socks, tutu skirts, sunglasses, caps, bags, headbands, buffs and a lot more. And of course color pouches in the colors of the rainbow.


The main event area has been moved to a new and better location in Laugardalur, by the south-end of Laugardalsvöllur football stadium.

Parking options:

  • The best parking area is at the parking lot by Laugardalsvöllur
  • Parking spots also by Suðurlandsbraut, Ármúli and Glæsibær
  • Please do not use the parking lots by Laugardalshöll or Skautasvell because car traffic via Engjavegur will be limited


Lines 2, 5, 14, 15 and 17 stop close to the event area. The closest bus stop is by Laugardalshöll.

Cycling, walking, bouncing..

Participants are engouraged to bike to The Color Run, besides there can hardly be found a better way to warm up for the event.

Please note that there is no dressing rooms or lockers at the event and we suggest participants to have little backbags or wear the outfit to be used during the event and leave other valuables at home.

share the experience

We want you do share your colorful day.

Selfies and pics before, during and after the event of you and your people – Anything that is fun to share!



For updates and information, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

during run


Ræst er út frá aðalsvæðinu hlaupið er umhverfis Grasagarðinn í átt að Holtavegi til móts við hús KFUM og KFUK þaðan er beygt til hægri umhverfis Húsdýragarðinn og er fyrsta litahlið hlaupsins til móts við TBR heimilið. 

Við Engjaveg er beygt til hægri og hlaupið aftur inn í átt að Grasagarðinum meðfram Húsdýragarðinum og er annað litahliðið staðsett rétt við aðalsvæðið þ.e við Þvottalaugarnar. 

Þaðan er farið eftir stuttum stíg upp á Engjaveg sem hlaupinn er til austurs, framhjá Skautahöllinni í átt að Glæsibæ þar sem þriðja hliðið er staðsett.

Þaðan er hlaupið á göngustíg meðfram Suðurlandsbrautinni til móts við Reykjaveg og beygt til hægri samhliða Reykjavegi í átt að Laugardalsvelli þar sem fjórða litahlið hlaupsins er staðsett. 

Því næst er hlaupið meðfram Þróttaraheimilinu og beygt til vinstri í átt að Þvottalaugunum í Laugardal í litla slaufu áður en komið er að endamarki hlaupsins.

2024 route


The Color Run is an outdoor event and participants should dress to the occasion. The event will not be cancelled even though the weather is not at its best. That is just Iceland. In the end, rain is only wet sunshine!

The starting grid

Participants will like up in the starting grid prior to the run. At the front, runners will be divided into 300-500 race heats that will be started every 90-120 seconds. That is how we make sure that there will not be too many people running through the color zones at the same time so everyone can get as much color as intended. As the heats are divided in the starting grid, friends and families should be together if they intend to run together.

Remember that this is not a timed event so there is no need to have the competitiveness take over the fun. Take your time to enjoy the experience with your friends. The fastest one is really the loser of the event because you should take your time to enjoy. 

Remember to wear the color run t-shirt when you enter the starting grid. Without the t-shirt you will not be granted access.

The color zones

On the route there are four color zones: Red, blue, yellow and pink. When you run through it, you will be colored by our staff. The colors are a special blend of magical colors and corn starch which is 100% natural, safe and approved by food administrations all over the world.

To make sure the color powder doesn´t go into the eyes, our staff will aim below neck when participants run through. Some runners prefer to wear sunglasses and buffs to cover their mouth and eyes. We also recommend that, especially for the younger participants. We ask runners not to stop in the color zones because that will only create a danger for the others.

walk, run and dance

The Color Run is for everyone. 

Some will run the whole route, others will walk and still others will dance. Our experience is that most runners to a little bit of everything.

post run

after party

The Color Run is not finished when you cross the finish line. In reality, the fun is just about to begin! Tap your shoulders for a good job done and enter the party in front of the stage. 

DJ Kiddi Bigfoot, Gústi B and Eva Ruza will keep you entertained by the stage and there will enough for everyone.

color bombs

Every 10-12 minutes we will countdown for the next color bomb by the stage to create those famous color clouds you have seen on pictures.

This is where you should use your color pouch from the participation kits. If you can’t manage to control yourself, you can either make an attempt to catch one of the color pouch thrown from the stage or simply get as many color pouches at the Color Run store in the park.

food and drinks

Food and drinks will be available at the event area.


Color leftovers on your body or clothes will wash away in a wash or two. You can’t use any color-excuses for any absences from school or work on Monday.

Rules and safety

We recommend a use of glasses when running though the color zones. Also, a buff to cover your mouth and nose is a great idea. Although the color powder is not dangerous in any way it is no fun getting to much of it in your eyes or mouth.

Please follow guidance provided by event staff.

More than anything, please show courtesy and respect to other participants around you.

running with kids

With thousands of participants in the event there is always a possibility that the little runners “manage” to run away from their parents. If you are running with kids (you are the coolest parent in the world!), your kids are going to have some serious fun. If you lose track of them, please decide with them before you start running where to meet up if you get seperated. We recommend that you will have a meeting point in our blue tents next to the stage. 

We can't wait for having a fun day with you!

looking forward seeing you

this is how we run

As a color runner, you along with thousands of other runners will be colored as you enter our color zones roughly every kilometer you complete. At every color zone you will be met with music, fun and a new color.

It is not about finishing the fastest. Rather to have fun and enjoy your participation. There will be no winners because nobody is counting. You should take your time going through the route and the color zones to maximize your experience.

Run wild

Love wild

Stay wild

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